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Welcome to this amazing Christian community where we can grow in the Christian faith together. Rather than a journey for the faint of heart, faith demands grit and tenacity. I invite you to take a few moments to check out the multiple resources available to build your faith and strengthen your walk with Jesus Christ.

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Practical Help for Daily Living

Developing patterns of biblical prayer, meditation, and worship can be a source of struggle for many Christians. With a few tools and encouragement, you will create a solid path of life-giving spiritual experience with Jesus Chrust.

You don’t need to feel alone. The support you need to grow in your faith is right here!

Books & Blogs

You are in the right place. I’m here to help! Through much thought and prayer, I have developed books, blogs, and inspired art, with the aim to encourage and strengthen you in your devotion to Christ.

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Unmasking Myths and Unlocking Legacy give the personal prayer experiences of around ninety people of various ages and Christian backgrounds. These books share wisdom and knowledge though their personal stories. The companion, Undeniable, is a thirty-day personal discover in prayer.The latest release, Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go, presents a vulnerable memoir of healing and hope.


Inspirational Art

Every piece of inspirational art has been created in prayer. Whether sourced from nature, a Bible verse, or a prophetic impression, each piece carries biblical meaning. Once the originals are sold, most of the pieces remain available in print format.

One perfect example is thirty roses. To say I was reluctant when I felt God push me to write my memoir would be a gross understatement. I knew I could not handle more than a month of the emotional outpouring the project would demand. God accepted my limitation with a counter of His own, “And you will paint thirty roses in thirty days.” I laughed knowing that just writing a book in thirty days would be personally impossible. Adding another impossibility to the first was beyond my comprehension. However, God knew that the soothing release of painting would be the exact therapy I would need. By God’s grace alone, I both wrote a book and painted thirty compositions in thirty days.

MaryAnn Ward - Artist - Acrylic Paintings

Who I Am

Wife of over fifty years, mother of five sons, and mom-in-law to five amazing daughters-in-love, grandmother of eleven, and primarily a servant of Jesus Christ, pretty much defines me. Jesus is the motivation and the Motivator behind all I do.

My passionate faith flows through each “meaty” blog, which come from decades of teaching, mentoring, and discipling. As an ordained pastor and long-time student of the Bible, I appreciate every opportunity to share the insights and encouragements I am personally receiving.

Whether during one-on-one ministry or during public speaking, I aspire to elevate others to emotional, relational, and spiritual maturity within my local church and globally through blogs and the creative arts.

Life experience and generations of farming roots have planted deep appreciation for solitude and nature. These themes as well as personal victories over addiction and mental illness flow through my writing and artistry. Gratitude and the joy of the Lord are, beyond question, part of my greatest strengths!

Whether short term ministry on the foreign field, in jails, or (more recently) through expressions of creative art, God continures to give opportunities for me to share faith and hope wherever I go. Currently the author of ten books, there are more are on the way.

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Reaching Out

Someone once said, “If you see a turtle on a fence post, you know it didn’t get there on its own.” Shout out to those who have “lifted” this little turtle to higher heights.