When Life Begins is Up to You – Today you Choose!

When Life Begins - It's Up to You

Just listening to the banter around us demonstrates everyone has an opinion! It is really quite humorous to those who have passed a few decades of time – head-scratching to those of lesser years. When life begins is up to you!

“Life begins at 40!” says the 30-year-old. ” No, it ends at 30!” sighs the 20-year-old. “Doesn’t it really begin at 50!” hopes the 40-year-old. It seems the human race anticipates life will begin, or reach a level of satisfaction, at some point along an invisible timeline somewhere other than where each presently is not. Each formulated belief reveals an internal longing for something more. But what is the more?

Some assume it to be more leisure time
more financial freedom
less family pressure
achieving a life goal…
For each it is illusive and sometimes variable, yet strikingly similar.

 “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy.
My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”
John 10:10 (NLT)

Jesus, knowing our core needs and unspoken desires, is speaking of His intention for all.

He is confirming both a quality and quantity of life
that goes beyond the scope of normal to
abundant life, eternal life
overflowing life
fulfilling life
filled with intention
with design
and with purpose.

Even this no-strings-attached offer seems surreal to most! Yet available it is!

This little verse identifies a force working against us that would rob us of the most intrinsic of components to “a rich and satisfying life” – a thief! A thief takes what rightfully is another’s, invading on someone else’s territory, depriving the owner of the joy and fulfillment from what has been stolen, leaving one with a sense of invasion, absence and longing.


Such a little word, isn’t it?
Powerful when you ponder it, right?
But Christ came!
He conquered!
But He overcame all opposition!

I don’t know about you, but the thought continues to lift my dragging feet and sagging hopes. I need not anticipate some unseen moment of time, or fear missing it amidst the pressures and busyness of daily routine. Even though I have lived for some time, today I start to experience the fullness of this new life afresh – pulling back the curtain of my true purpose, identity and calling. I will not be robbed of the

delight and
immeasurable abundance of life
so lavishly given!

It comes through choosing to partner and fellowship with the Jesus Christ, the One who designed and made us, stepping into His shadow and becoming a small but powerful representation of Him, The Life! Yes, this new life begins now and continues through endless days ahead. Contrary to varying opinions it is most satisfying and fulfilling.

Come along! You will be
and blessed in the journey … but you will need hiking boots!


Praying Life Begins

Lord Jesus, today is the beginning!
Yesterday is long gone and tomorrow is uncertain.
Yet today it is You with me and
me with You.
I can’t wait to begin!
So with my hand in Your hand and
my feet on your feet,
we will travel together this wonderful road
with surprising twists and heart-racing dips,
but with You I rest secure even in the unknown.

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