Are We Willing To Put Everything On The Line? What Would it Look Like if We Did?

Risking Everything for Jesus

A small huddle of linked companions positioned themselves in the airport, praying for a newly married young couple prior to their departure to the Middle East. “Their mission,” you ask? They were “putting everything on the line” to tell an unreached-people-group about the life available through Jesus Christ. They knew it; we knew it!

If you’re not quite sure what I mean by putting everything on the line, it means to expose to chance of loss or damage, to put at risk, stake, hazard or jeopardize their very lives to tell others about the life available through Jesus Christ. Not something the average Christian does, yet many do daily.

This couple considered their lives worth risking to share Christ with others!


Most of us find it hard just to speak of Him to our family, neighbours, or friends, let alone those who consider themselves enemies of the cross! We prefer vacations in a sunny local that is stress-free and easy-wheeling. There is certainly nothing wrong with a well-deserved vacation! This will not be for this amazing couple!

Later in the safety of the prayer room in my local church I read of another missionary, Paul,

kneeling in the sand with
fathers and mothers
boys and girls
old and young
as they sent him off to a place they all knew would lead to
torture, imprisonment and probably death!

Putting everything on the line to share faith and life with others is not something new or strange. It is part and parcel with normal Christian life!


The sharing of our faith always costs. The ultimate price was paid by Jesus on the cross! Listen for a moment to His words,

“Then Jesus said to his disciples,
‘If any of you wants to be my follower,
you must turn from your selfish ways,
take up your cross, and follow me. ”
Matt 16:24 NLT

How seldom do I do just that? Small indeed is the level of “putting everything on the line” in my life. Yet, when I think of this young couple and the multitude of others in difficult places, something stirs in me that otherwise would be silent…a restlessness… a desire to

risk more
reach out and love more
care less about what others may think
leave my place of security and comfort
share with those near and far,
“Life in Jesus is possible and available.”

risk-1945683_1920 Pixabay - CCO Public Domain -Risk Word Letters Boggle Game

Do you feel it rising too? He is worth it! They are worth it! Life is worth it! Yes, take that deep breath, step forward and put everything on the line!

“What if we yielded everything in our lives to make much of who Jesus is? Are you willing to give up everything to make Him known?”
Pastor Matt Weisbrod

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Prayer for Today

Lord Jesus, forgive me for settling in
places of comfort and ease,
for forgetting this life, my life, is meant to be lived for others.
Give me the courage and tenacity,
the single focused vision,
to declare and proclaim the fullness of You to all.
Help me to choose to put everything on the line
for You and those who need Your love.

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