The Voice of Someone That Can Be Trusted – Make Every Effort!

Warning - Make Every Effort

I don’t know about you, but when someone gives me a warning the first thing I do is examine the life of the one speaking. I certainly value the warning of a trusted friend above that of a stranger; the weight of a warning coming from the mature exceeds that of a small child. Today I read the warnings of someone that can be trusted, “…make every effort…” His name is Peter.

No, not the impulsive, impetuous, unreliable Peter! These are words spoken from the steadfast and trustworthy Peter whose days or even hours are numbered. The warrior of Christ Peter, who would soon be executed as his Lord was, targets the mark of our weakness.

Make Every Effort

He knew how easy it is to settle into complacency or drift off course to some strange doctrine. He knew we are prone to sitting too long or wandering too far. Peter gives a passionate warning!

“So don’t lose a minute in building on what you’ve been given,
complementing your basic faith with good character,
spiritual understanding
alert discipline,
passionate patience, reverent wonder
warm friendliness,
and generous love,
each dimension fitting into and developing the others.”
2 Peter 1:5-7 MSG

“So don’t lose a minute“! Our culture today would call that “preachy”! “Who are you to tell us what to do,” might be today’s normal response. I have free choice!

Listen carefully to someone who can be trusted – trusted completely! Differently bible versions express the strength to words:

So don’t lose a minute
make every effort
in all earnestness
giving all diligence
employing all care….



I find the “why” in the last few words of this little book.

“The day of the Lord will come…”
2 Peter 3:10

Everything we see and know here will end; every temporal thing gone forever!

“Since everything is going to be destroyed in this way,
what holy and godly lives you should live.”
2 Peter 3:11

Then he says it again, “…make every effort”.

There are many things that are worth effort! Far too much of my energy goes towards things that really don’t measure up! In fact, I am able to waste exceeding amounts of time with the trivial, unimportant, or inessential.

There is something about these words that pierce deep into my heart this morning, convicting me of present patterns and convincing me of a better way.

“Make every effort
to be found spotless,
blameless and at peace
with him…”
2 Peter 3:14

All Care

Make Every Effort

“Make every effort!” These are words that ring in my heart as warnings from someone who has walked more than one mile in dusty shoes, wept tears of bitter grief of opportunities lost, and consistently proved himself to be entirely faithful.

“Make every effort!”  No minced words or soft landings! Powerful and thankfully preachy words!

“Make every effort”  to live a way acceptable to God and honouring to man.

“Make every effort!”

“Giving All Diligence”

Lord in a world of mistrust and critical judgment
I desire to hold to Your Word
trusting them explicitly –
inspired, Spirit breathed words
lovingly and forcefully spoken…
Give me courage and strength to put them into practise
making every effort to live a
holy and godly life
as I wait for your coming.
Lord Jesus, I hold your words and warnings!
Your words to me…
to us all….


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