MaryAnn – Life of Adventure and Discovery

Adventure and discovery, even within ourselves, peeks around every corner! Age is no restriction! MaryAnn lives with just such a sense of adventure and discovery.

Radical and passionate faith in Jesus Christ? Jesus is The Motivator and motivation behind what she does and who she desires to become. MaryAnn works at elevating others to places of emotional, relational and spiritual maturity through mentoring, teaching, speaking or ministering. She is an accredited and ordained pastor.

Next only to Christ is her love for husband and family. God’s sweetest earthly treasure is the gift of family, friends and co-labourers. MaryAnn and her husband Keith have partnered together for over fifty years.  “Lots of water under that bridge!” Some muddy and dark; some currents fresh and clean.

“Never be a spectator nor settle” might be a fitting motto for MaryAnn’s life. Generations of farming roots have given her a deep appreciation for solitude, nature, and the land. The mission fields in Guatemala and Cambodia have also left a deep imprint upon her life. Whether joining hands with others battling human trafficking or securing education for vulnerable children, social justice is part of her deep concern.

MaryAnn welcomes you on the journey. Her blogs are transparent glimpses into her life and values. They are “meaty,” filled with the Word of God and practical challenges, flowing from decades of Bible study, mentoring and discipleship. 

The joy of the Lord is beyond question MaryAnn’s strength! This joy and passion for Jesus Christ is evident through her teaching, writing, and mentoring.



Twice appeared on Talk Of The Town with Lisa Peters. 

Talk of The Town



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Interview for the Grenfell Sun; Broadview Express; Whitewood Herald; June 6, 2017

Grenfell Sun June


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