Give Me My Mountain


Give Me My Mountain

Like Caleb, you have staked your sword of faith in the promise God has held for you. Like Caleb, you have wandered many years through the “desert and wilderness regions” because of the reckless disregard for God by others. With parched soul, you have stood beside family and friends — fighting, protecting, and defending them until they receive God’s blessing. You have faithfully lived according to steadfast faith and firm conviction.

But now!

Now it is your turn! Arise Caleb! Dare to declare, “Give me my mountain” of inheritance. It is your turn to receive the abundance God has promised.

The sword of faith you thrust deep into the ground of holy trust so many years ago has created the path. The grapes drip with new wine. The wheat willingly yields its seed to the ground of abundance. Five drops signify God’s grace. Three symbolizes divine holiness, perfection, and completeness.

With “the Lord helping,” you have the victory!

(Joshua 14:6-15)


Give Me My Mountain

Original Acrylic
16″ x 20″ SOLD 

Matted Print available in 3 sizes
8″ x 10″
11″ x 14″
16″ x 20″


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11" x 14" Matted Print, 16" x 20" Matted Print, 8" x 10" Matted Print, Unmatted Original


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