Olivia & Me

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Olivia & Me is a Christian children’s book about experiencing life on earth and in heaven. The adventures may begin on earth, but real life happens in heaven! Inspiring and beautifully illustrated by MaryAnn Ward. Olivia & Me is a parallel journey between a little girl and her caterpillar (then butterfly) friend through the multiple stages of life.

Olivia & Me contains 550 words and 28 original paintings. It is written in read-to-me poetic format, designed for children  3 to 7 years old with the intention to inspire conversation and  to gain understanding of life and death according to biblical truths.

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Olivia & Me
Olivia & Me

Olivia & Me

Copyright © 2017 by Mary Ann Ward

ISBN: 978-1-4866-1462-2

Suggested Retail: $27.99 CA

Published by : Word Alive Press
131 Cordite Road, Winnipeg, MB R3W 1S1

Issued in print and electronic formats.
ISBN 978-1-4866-1462-2 (hardcover).–ISBN 978-1-4866-1463-9 (ebook)


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16 reviews for Olivia & Me

  1. MaryAnn Ward

    “Stunning art work!”
    (Pamela R.)

  2. MaryAnn Ward

    I’m very excited to get this book!… What a comforting message children need to hear ( don’t we all ). Place your order now !! You won’t be disappointed.
    (Cindy A.)

  3. MaryAnn Ward

    You have got to get a copy of this book!! It is an amazing story about a little girl and a caterpillar and their journey through life to life…. Maryann is an amazing artist and author and all around gem!
    (Heather S.)

  4. MaryAnn Ward

    “… beautiful book. We liked the lighthearted and positive tone …”
    (Wayne L.)

  5. MaryAnn Ward

    “Congratulations on ‘Olivia and me’ – I enjoyed the book trailer and the drawings are beautiful.”
    (Noelene C.)

  6. MaryAnn Ward

    “I LOVE the pictures in this book, especially watching for the little caterpillar…page 15 quietly broke my heart. After that page 25 was probably my favourite…I really enjoyed the wording … every time I read through it I noticed something different in the artwork and the words…simple…deep…thought provoking…It really is wonderful!”
    (Brittany P.)

  7. MaryAnn Ward

    “Thanks for the privilege of looking at your book… The art is delightful and I think that is it’s strength. I appreciate the story you are telling and the gift of life we are given in Christ.”
    (Kathleen Bostrom)

  8. MaryAnn Ward

    “Olivia & Me” touched something so deep within me, those pages certainly are spirit filled. I am so thankful God inspired you to write it and that you obeyed. Who would have thought that a children’s book would make an adult weep cleansing tears.”
    (Dawn D.)

  9. MaryAnn Ward

    “If you don’t have your hands on this book yet, it is a must to do so.”
    (Sarah L.)

  10. MaryAnn Ward

    “Oh I got your book yesterday. I love it! You are wonderful. It is wonderful! I can`t imagine. It is just wonderful. Oh my goodness!`
    (Aileen A.)

  11. MaryAnn Ward

    “Well written, illustrated and presented. It will be a useful tool in the hands of those who teach children and an excellent book for children to read.”
    (L. & S. Davis)

  12. MaryAnn Ward

    “I love the illustrations; what beautiful and anointed work! I believe this book is going to create a hunger for the things of heaven in those who read it, and I love the way it brings things back to the simplicity and perfection of the Gospel message of a full life in Christ.”
    (M. Enns)

  13. MaryAnn Ward (verified owner)

    “Inspired, anointed and beautifully done!”
    (E. Welch)

  14. MaryAnn Ward (verified owner)

    “I nearly cried reading ‘Olivia & Me’. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’VE NEVER PAINTED!!!! Such a powerful book.”
    (E. Sanchez)

  15. MaryAnn Ward (verified owner)

    “Olivia and Me ranks as a first among my book acquaintances, both in its beauty and in its unique approach to what is at its best a difficult topic.

    In this book Mary Ann Ward’s ability as a wordsmith is evident in the gentle storytelling that traces the journey of a child and a caterpillar from birth to death. “We wiggled and we squiggled; we rolled and we crawled…” What child or what parent can’t relate to those emotions!

    As time and life progresses, however, the reality that “sometimes nothing seemed quite right” reflects the accuracy of life in every form; be it human or otherwise, change happens and change isn’t always easy to comprehend or accept. Olivia and Me provides an alternative explanation for children and adults alike.

    Mary Ann Ward’s water colour drawings give life and even more vibrancy to her words. “A discontent called us, deep and strong, to stretch and to reach beyond earth’s ground. ‘I must break free’ is what we said, as we left cocoon and unmade bed…” What simpler yet more profound way to describe the transition from earth to heaven, from time to eternity.

    Truly unique in its approach to life’s journey and truly and gently beautiful in its illustrations, I highly recommend this book as a teaching tool for children as well as a pleasure to read for all ages.”

    (Linda Wegner)
    Author and Speaker
    Words of Worth: writing for and about business

  16. MaryAnn Ward (verified owner)

    “In an endearing story woven through poetry and watercolour illustrations, MaryAnn Ward parallels the life events of a tender-hearted child and a wide=eyed caterpillar. Drawing the reader into anticipation of the joys ahead for each character, MaryAnn successfully employs, once again, her mandate for all that she authors – to draw the reader closer to the heart of Jesus.

    A young child has much to look forward to – indeed, a lifetime of discovery. Yet, in all of the “reaching high” (p.7) and yearning for more, who can anticipate that pivotal moment when transformation reveals a greater purpose? The familiar allegory of metamorphosis takes on a delightful new meaning as the author uses poem and illustrations to orchestrate the synchronized change between the characters. “Twisting and twirling in God’s great light” (p.9) both little girl and caterpillar are renewed.

    Fresh green leaves of spring adorn the beginning pages of the story and gradually mature into the beauty of autumn as the story progresses. But at the moment when “Olivia & Me” seems to have come to an unexpected ending, the characters emerge into the destiny they had been yearning for all along. Somehow playful simplicity is combined with majestic reverence in the pages to follow. The reader’s heart is drawn to seek that same fulfillment and contentment.

    The story she has so thoughtfully and artfully composed clearly mirrors the heart of MaryAnn Ward. Children, and all who love them, will be captivated by this lyrical storyline. “Olivia & Me” is certain to become a childhood favourite for this generation and many generations to come.”

    (Bonnie Szakacs B. Ed.

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