Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go


Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go is a memoir of courage and hope for those who have survived the devastating effects of molestation, spousal rape, or sexual addiction. Experience the restorative “whispers of God” as He brings hope and healing. Thursday’s Child exposes the impact of sexual trauma for counselors, mentors, and pastors to better understand and minister in this area. Raw and vulnerable, Thursday’s Child paves a path of grace for the wounded and the wounder. This compelling memoir follows the author through the valley of depression and suicidal ideation to emotional and relational health.

Thursday’s Child has been written and presented at this most opportune time. Though not an easy read, Thursday’s Child offers solid hope and help to everyone caught in the devastating swirl surrounding sexual addictions. It gives an open window into the secret torment of its victims, giving voice to the voiceless.


Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go

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Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go is a compelling and vulnerable memoir of recovery and healing from mental illness and sexual trauma. – Paperback – $24.99
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4 reviews for Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go

  1. MaryAnn Ward

    Michele Hastings: Author of The Homeschooling Trail … A Journey of Faith

    Join the author on her harrowing journey towards healing, wholeness and freedom through Christ, as she humbles herself and empties her soul before her readers. Every tragic circumstance shared within these precious pages finds redemption and shines with God’s glory. Readers will come away with a renewed sense of hope, because through this writer’s experience they will discover that no one is too lost, too broken, or too far gone to have their lives restored beyond what they could even ask or imagine. So pour yourself a cup of coffee and settle in, for before you, there are treasures to behold.

  2. MaryAnn Ward

    Karin B … Thursday’s Child is touching my heart … both the story of each chapter and its corresponding prayer. I am knowing the Father’s love more chapter by chapter. I just finished Chapter 6! The Lord compelled MaryAnn to write her personal story, and I am so glad He did. Many will benefit.

  3. MaryAnn Ward

    Pat G .. Blessings on you and your creative gifts. I just finished reading Thursday’s Child last week, and know I will read it again. The beautiful messages from God’s word are also powerful.

  4. MaryAnn Ward

    Angie H … Just finished “your” book. What a beautiful blend of bravery and breakthrough amidst the brokenness. Incredible words to encourage every “Little One” of such a love and so much redemption.

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