Unlocking Legacy: Taking Your God-Given Territory Through Prayer

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Your godly inheritance awaits!
Unlocking Legacy offers practical illustrations of how to possess what God already makes available to us through prayer. Powerful, personal encounters in prayer show ordinary people, praying with authority and obtaining their spiritual inheritance.
Unlocking Legacy will challenge and inspire you to pray it forward!

  • Pray with faith and humility
  • Pray with fasting and authority
  • Pray with creativity and action
  • Pray with biblical truth and prophecy

Read about supernatural encounters and miracles within the pages of Unlocking Legacy.


Unlocking Legacy:
Taking Your God-Given Territory Through Prayer

Copyright © 2020 by Mary Ann Ward

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7 reviews for Unlocking Legacy: Taking Your God-Given Territory Through Prayer

  1. MaryAnn Ward

    “Prayer has become an increasingly important part of my walk with God, but while reading Unlocking Legacy by MaryAnn Ward, God began to challenge me more and more to put my feet to my prayers. The stories shared throughout the book, but especially in Chapter 11 “The Help God Sends” and Chapter 12 “The Power of Testimony”, caused my heart to beat faster and the tears to flow. I was convicted of fear of man and fear of failure, and inspired to accept the challenge, as one of the voices in the book stated, “to be the answer to prayer by one act of obedience at a time.” I believe God will use what I’ve read to propel me into new territory in the upcoming days, weeks and months. A key message throughout the book was the compassion of the Father’s heart, which echoed the message I came away with after attending Bethel’s School of the Prophets conference last summer. Another quote which struck a chord with me was “I cannot walk in compassion without feeling enough, being angry enough, fervent enough to go past my chicken line to make a difference in the lives of others.” Unlocking Legacy is a beautifully written tapestry of the many facets of prayer, as unique as each individual’s relationship with our Creator. It was both pleasurable and impactful and I believe it will make a difference in every reader’s life.
    Michelle Hastings

  2. MaryAnn Ward

    “Unlocking Legacy is a great read! It is not only for those beginning a journey of intercessory prayer but also for those who have walked it long. It is not so much about strategy and formula as it is about intimacy and obedience.
    This book offers stories of ordinary people pursuing God’s will in specific circumstances and seeing Him do what he has asked them to pray for. Our qualifications are intimacy and obedience to the Author and Finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ!”
    Rev. Jeff Frost, Campus Pastor, Prayer Track Leader, Eston College

  3. MaryAnn Ward

    “Oh my dear gracious and loving heavenly Father. How can I not praise you for your faithfulness in raising up an army of warriors in today’s world? How can I not help but be filled with joy from the miracles you have done through your faithful, obedient and humble people? I praise you and give you all the honor and glory. Thank you for MaryAnn, for giving her the stamina, discernment and ability to find and record what you have done. Thank you for the wisdom she has in sharing with us the many facets of what prayer is. Thank you for the encouragement this book has given me to keep on, to be bolder, to trust you more and to not worry about the what if’s. You are in control! I bless you Jesus, and honor you for MaryAnn and this book. May you use it extensively to bless and teach others about prayer. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.”
    Sheldina Brunner, Missionary, SIM

  4. MaryAnn Ward

    “MaryAnn uses vivid and striking imagery to paint a picture of what a journey in prayer looks like. This book inspired me in my prayer life and legacy. The depth and richness of communing with God is so amazing and precious her and now. It is a glimpse of what it will be like when we are home.”
    Tina Maki

  5. MaryAnn Ward

    This comment was given after reading only the first chapter, “Loved this leading chapter. What a beautiful exposition of the humility and power in prayer!”
    Lois Toth

  6. MaryAnn Ward

    “I want to tell you how blessed I was to read your book. Even though I loved the experience of reading, I found I was not able to rush it, really meditating on each chapter, taking it in slowly, and trying to apply it to my own life. I appreciated the multifaceted approach to prayer. Although I have experienced or heard of each of these prayer forms, I’m sure I have never seen them all together before as each one lends strength to the others . . . I would like to buy several copies, as I have numerous friends who would really benefit from and enjoy reading your work”
    Rhonda Bagwell

  7. MaryAnn Ward

    “Much of our prayer journey unfolds in that secret place of relationship between us and God—effectively hiding many of its more intimate aspects. “Unlocking Legacy” provides snapshots of these more personal moments, allowing us to be a quiet observer. Being a witness to these affectionate exchanges expands our understanding of the capacity in which we can walk and talk with God. Reading this heart-felt book is a life changing experience.
    Jocelyn Drozda

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