Unmasking Myths: Is This Prayer?

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Do you doubt your voice is heard in prayer? Does prayer sound vague, daunting or powerless? Not any more! Like a skillfully woven tapestry Unmasking Myths entwines the brilliant threads of the miraculous, the ominous strands of intense struggle and the powerful cords of the personal prayer. Each fibre contains a true story bound in unforgettable formation, illustrating divine encounters with God.

Unmasking Myths reveals the secrets to powerful, effective prayer. Through multi-generational testimonies from around the world, the potential of prayer becomes clear.

Discover the unmasked beauty and wonder of prayer within the pages of Unmasking Myths.



Unmasking Myths

Unmasking Myths: Is This Prayer?

Copyright © 2020 by Mary Ann Ward

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6 reviews for Unmasking Myths: Is This Prayer?

  1. MaryAnn Ward

    MaryAnn is a faithful prayer warrior, such a great encourager and a Jesus role model. I am encouraged by her obedience to do what the Lord has called her to do . . . First, I like the layout of the stories, hearing the different experiences of individuals in how they communicate with the Lord and how the Lord speaks to them . . . My eyes were opened to even more ways God speaks to us and not to put limits on God. I see how God is so ever present and I can talk with him anytime, anywhere out loud or in my mind, in a song, or in a whisper. Second, I appreciated the genuineness of the individuals, and the simplicity of God when he speaks. Third, one way I know the Lord speaks to me is through books – books that also give you examples, practical ways to get on the right road, and this book has done that. Prayer has been a challenge for me, but I am so encouraged to keep pressing on and communicating with Jesus anywhere, anytime.” – Maria Winkel

  2. MaryAnn Ward

    I never grew up as a Christian—no mentors upon being saved In a way I’ve taken the “long way” around. My only exposure to prayer has been at church. I really believed prayer had to be formal and almost scripted. Through my walk, I’ve discovered that you can speak to God just like a “Buddy”—not formal and ridged. The stories documented in Unmasking Myths have reinforced my personal thoughts on prayer. It doesn’t have to be “religious” or scripted; we don’t have to feel silly asking for the day-to-day things or wait to pray for the BIG things. God cares about it all! Unmasking Myths showed me there are others that are “on the same page” as me.
    An inspiring read! Great for new Christians as well as long time believers.
    – Elton Winkel

  3. MaryAnn Ward

    Wow! Great! One small thought . . . was the possible weakness in the chapter name, or a missing starting point about what the chapter is about. I sometimes was a bit lost on what the chapter was about at the beginning. In reading this book, I walked away with a greater understanding, desire and means to prayer . . . The use of testimony to create this book is so powerful and enjoyable to read. People love to hear true stories about others experience and it speaks like no other stories. To see the faithfulness of God, again and again, in peoples lives, speaks more than any story that could be imagined. I see this book being used as a daily encouragement as well as a study on prayer.”
    – Waylon Kardash

  4. MaryAnn Ward

    “Wonderful testimonies of God’s direct love to individuals! Loved it!”
    – Joyce Beke

  5. MaryAnn Ward

    Unmasking Myths is a great read for those wanting to grow deeper in their prayer life. Full of personal stories and perspectives, you will be drawn into a greater desire to develop your relationship with Jesus. As that happens, it is impossible for your prayer life to remain where it is. It must and will develop in a new level of maturity and intimacy with Jesus.
    – Pastor Kenn Parker

  6. MaryAnn Ward

    In writing “Unmasking Myths: Is This Prayer”, MaryAnn Ward has
    produced a well-written and comprehensive work to invite and mentor
    individuals in the journey of prayer. I’ve enjoyed reading this and the many
    testimonies of how God has met and transformed lives.
    Solid in her theology, I whole-heartedly encourage you to add this to your
    library on prayer. This gem of a book is something you will want to read
    through several times as it is full of personal and practical examples to help
    anyone who seeks to grow in prayer.
    To top it off, MaryAnn ends with a one month very practical devotional to
    effectively launch the reader into a lifestyle of prayer. Well worth a read!
    – Rob Parker, National House of Prayer, Canada

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