Isaiah 45 To Open Doors…So That Gates Will Not Be Shut

Open Doors - Gates Will Not Be Shut!

Sometimes words don’t come easily to explain what is stirring in one’s heart. Today is that kind of day. But the essence is found in Isaiah 45, “to open doors, so that gates will not be shut.”

Please listen to this little link and ask God what He wants to show you in it.

Isaiah 45

Open Doors

Lord I ask You to open doors before
each one of these precious people….
Level the mountains
they have been facing…
Give them back the treasures that have been hidden
every source of riches that has been stored away…
spiritually, relationally, financially…
God may your goodness and your love
shower upon them today…


Never again, Lord, will there be gates
closed in opposition against them…
gates to keep them from their place of peace
and fulfillment.
You have chosen each one and
have an assigned purpose and calling
release it now,
in Jesus Name.


Isaiah 45: 1-7