Grace Notes – The Extras that Matter! Supporting the Melody!

Grace Notes

Though I would never call myself a musician, music has always been a big chunk of the pie of my life. Whether it is singing in the shower, dancing in the rain, playing past arthritic finger, listening with heart, or writing a new song, music fills my days. I have grown over the years to appreciate the value of the little grace notes – the extras that matter!

“I’ve always loved music, even before the writing bug hit.
Grace notes are little extras, not the actual melody.
Just something that adds to the feel of the music.”
Kathleen Friesen

Grace Notes

Grace Notes

A grace note is a kind of music notation used to denote several kinds of musical ornaments, it is usually printed smaller to indicate that it is melodically and harmonically nonessential.  (Wikipedia’s)

Do you catch the feel of these little but very important elements to a beautiful piece of music. These notes make all the difference; they take us beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary!


God has grace notes! It is you! It is me!

When we allow ourselves to be joined with the melody and rhythm of God’s grand composition for our lives, we become like one of those little grace notes. We combine our little with His great. The result is amazing!

“…I strenuously contend with all the
energy Christ so powerfully works in me.”

(Colossians 1:29 NIV)

The same verse says,

“I work and struggle so hard,
depending on Christ’s mighty power that works in me.” (NLT)

Christ works in me

Do you feel it? Do you hear it? My little working together with Christ’s big. Joined with Him, I add an element to the melody that would be missing otherwise.

Grace Together

I find that very thought overwhelmingly simple, yet divinely profound. The weight is off me! Though I press forward with every ounce of energy and fixed focus, He carries the weight of it all! Can you hear and see me even now immersed in this truth:

singing from the depth of all my emotion
dancing with all my energy
playing with guided hand and thought
silently listening and waiting for His lead
releasing and birthing new melody and tune.

I welcome you! Come with me! Join your grace notes with mine as we combine ours with others. Feel the newness of what is being created moment by moment! I hear it so clear! You inspire me; I inspire you! Together we scale and leap through pages of eternal song.

Grace upon grace sings forth, bursting through sound barriers of restriction. Your beautiful note adds so much more to the fullness of the melody than you realize today. Add it confidently and with precision!

Grace Notes

 Grace Notes

Thank you Lord for allowing us the blessing
of joint harmony!
Give us courage even today to add
our little efforts with your great touch
with a word, a deed, a kindness,
a smile, a touch.
Thank you letting us in on your melody!


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