Martha, Mary, or Lazarus, Which Worshipper are You?

Worshipper - The Difference Makes us Strong

I am delighted in the diversity of worship to the Lord Jesus Christ. Today I’m thinking of three siblings, Martha, Mary, and Lazarus, who all worshipped differently. Which one are you?

Martha – A Servant

There have been a few rare, but always memorable times, when I have had the pleasure of being hosted by a “Martha”.

There is variably a smorgasbord of delicacies laid out – a feast for the eyes, as well as the appetite. The table is set with the finest of linens, flowers, ambient lighting, settings immaculately placed. One hardly knows where to start or when to finish. Be assured, there is something gluten free, lactose free, and sugar free, because Marthas prepare for everything!

Banquet table

One couldn’t find a dust-bunny with a microscope! Her home gleams as much as she does with the joy of invited guests.

Every moment is a sacrificial offering of love to those she is about to serve. Only “Marthas” really know how many weeks of preparation and hours of labour has gone into the event.

Mary – A Worshipper

NOT being a Martha, the “Mary” enjoys when guest arrive unannounced! Inviting them to the garden, we search for something fresh to toss on the table. Excited chatter fills the air! A wiener roast is more my style. You certainly don’t have to look hard to find a pile of unfiled papers or layers of dust hanging around my little abode. Why?


Reading thebible, prayer, worship, or lingering a little in the silent wonder of Who He is may seem a waste of time to many, but not to a “Mary”.

I’ve put in many hours following the footsteps of my wonderful sister-servant, “Martha”. It just plain wears me out!

The place where I am rejuvenated is sitting at the feet of my Master. Time whirls by in staggering proportions, while eyes are shut and ears open. It is the place my heart aches to never leave.

Lazarus – The Friend

Friendships are amazing living organisms! They morph and twist through the seasons — changing, expanding, and deepening. Time is always short when you are with a friend.


Sometimes miles and circumstance may divide, but distance never stops friendship. The moment one reconnects, it is like you have never been apart.

Friendship is never idle waste:
silence is golden,
sharing is deep,
caring is sincere.

Siblings Together

I look at my family and wonder how children from the same genetic pool could be so different; that difference creates both a sense of awe and friction.

  • Martha” has always made the right choices, done the right thing, lived socially acceptable, loved by all, appreciated immeasurably.
  • Mary” stumbled and fell more times than one could count, despised, rejected, misunderstood, and repeatedly mistreated.
  • Lazarus“, always dependable, strong, and silent, choosing the background, the easy path, the safe distance, patiently waiting for his turn.

I’m sure Martha was thrilled when Mary was released from her former life and could become more like her. Mary who had been forgiven much, could do nothing but love with abandon the One who lifted her from the dust. Lazarus watched his extremely different sisters and was thankful to stay out of the fray!

Worshipping One Saviour

It is no wonder our worship is so unique. Each of us has been loved, received, and accepted like no other! Individually loved immeasurably more than any could have imagined.

As I look at these three biblical siblings, I gaze with wonder on the uniqueness;

Some worshipping Jesus through endless service,
others with radical praise,
while still others silently sit –
whispering that Name, “Jesus.”

God never attempts to conform us to “cookie-cutter” worship. Yet we struggle! Why does our “Martha” heart cry, “Lord, make “Mary” like me?”

Perhaps the best worship is to rest in the purity of our identity: some serving, some adoring, others sitting beside Him peacefully. Each loving honestlytouching His heart fully and completely.

Martha, Mary or Lazarus? Which worshiper are you?


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