Normal? What Does It Mean to be a Normal Christian?


Normal in one sense would identify every part of my life; yet in another way, normal could never label who I have been or now am. What does it mean to be a normal Christian?

What defines “normal“?

 “According with, constituting, or not deviating from a norm, rule, or principle
occurring naturally

Who Defines Normal

If normal means imitating Christ, we need to examine His normal? What occurred naturally to Jesus? These traits then are to mark our definition of living “normally”.

“…the Son can do nothing by himself;
he can do only what he sees his Father doing,
because whatever the Father does the Son also does….”
John 5:19

Father and Son

“Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues,
proclaiming the good news of the kingdom
and healing every disease and sickness….”
Matthew 9:35

“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed…”
Luke 5:16

“…Having loved his own who were in the world,
he loved them to the end…”
John 13:1


“Then Jesus went up a hill and called to himself the men he wanted.
They came to him,
and he chose twelve …
“I have chosen you to be with me,” he told them.
“I will also send you out to preach,
and you will have authority to drive out demons…”
Mark 3:13-19

Jesus the Example

Like the “true” north, this then is our “true normal”! Jesus was a living picture of how we also may live:

in such close communion with God that He saw
what the Father was doing and teamed together with Him
to do the same;
teaching at every opportunity,
sharing the good news of salvation,
healing every disease and sickness;
one on One communion in prayer;
loving friends and enemies completely and continually;
living in community with others,
passing fully the mantle and anointing to others.Prayer

Normal is a Decision

This is not my normal yet, but it is the life I am reaching for. These are the distinguishing marks of the gift of life we now possess, because He dwells in us.

When I might doubt it is possible, I can read about the lives of believers who walked with Him for those three short years following the example of Jesus. They stepped into opportunities to follow this pattern with confidence and boldness, even if imperfectly!

Down through the ages of history, multitude of others set their hearts, minds, finances, and abilities to the same goal. They influenced nations and transformed cultures, redirecting the course of church history – affecting and effecting people and communities on every continent through faith in Jesus Christ.

It is still the heart of the Father to see the world transformed. He is looking for NORMAL men, women and children who will believe for such a way of life. When we do, we too will be astonished with the difference Christ’s normal makes!

Hand in Hand

There is no “normal” apart from Christ; it requires a relationship of daily walking hand in hand doing as He did. Normal living disconnected from Jesus is abnormal for any who choose to follow Him. Challenging? Yes! Reachable? Absolutely!

“… whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing,
and they will do even greater things than these,
because I am going to the Father…”
John 14:12

How else will Christ be seen in me  and God be glorified? Normal is never boring or predictable! Come! Let’s see where “normal” takes us.

Final Thoughts

What marks your walk as a Christian? I encourage you to allow this gift of life to generate every part of who you are!

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